Welding with standards

We are certain that you deserve the best services available on the market. That is why we are constantly developing and expanding their available range. With modern welding machines, we can offer you a modern service, confirmed by an ISO document in terms of welded sheets, and welding methods.


  • black steel

  • stainless steel

  • aluzinc

  • aluminium

Of course, with the highest quality standards.

We employ professional welders whose qualifications are certified by relevant exams, certificates and years of experience. After the welding process, the parts are professionally ground or etched.

Welding methods

Welding is done using the method:

  • MIG - arc welding of metals in an inert gas sheath

  • MAG - arc welding of metals in a shield of chemically active gas

  • TIG - arc welding of metals with a non-fusible electrode in an inert gas shield. Allows welding of all metals, including joining different materials together

After welding, regardless of the selected method of welds performed, each time the work is subjected to a thorough quality control of welded joints in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.
Like any job, welding is also moving toward innovation, with equipment and methods changing. In order to be able to perform welding work in a manner consistent with this idea, in 2015 we purchased new welding machines that stood at fully new welding station

Welding or sealing?

We have Aspa's multi-point welding machines. We work on them while welding, among other things. Steel meshes made of smooth or ribbed bars. Thanks to this, we can make various types of panels, fence axes, or reinforcement for you. In doing so, we guarantee high efficiency and precision welding.

Nowadays, every welding station is equipped with tool and auxiliary carts, allowing the welder to have handy tools, and modern MIG-MAG and TIG welding machines, which make the work easier thanks to greater handiness, but most importantly, they reduce the time it takes to perform welds, and this leads to savings for the customer, who can pay less for the service performed thanks to the reduction in the duration of the service.

Each welding station is also equipped with a filtering system, which, in addition to the primary task of protecting the health of welders, also takes care of the cleanliness of the station and prevents the emission of dust that could have a destructive effect on the quality of welds obtained during welding.

Welding confirmed with a certificate

We will brag a little at this point. Thanks to constant development and improvement of welding methods we were able to obtain welding certificatese. We meet the quality requirements based on PN-EN ISO 384-3:2007, PN-EN 1090-2+A1:2012 and PN-EN 1090-3:2013. Translating this into easy-to-understand language: we have the plant equipment, qualified personnel and welding technologies to ensure proper production and control of welded products. At the same time, the certificates apply to load-bearing structure components and their assemblies made of steel and aluminum up to EXC Class 2. Of course, we would not have received welding certificates if we did not have a proper inspection department responsible for welding supervision.

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